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Cloud of Skycraft



Cloud Of SkyCraft.nl

Minecraft version:

1.11.2 Cloud of Skycraft

Jobs: Get a Job to Earn Money.
Marry: get a Partner and marry Him/her/it.

Mob Arena: We have a couple Arenas that give you rewards.
SkyWars: PvP with your own small temporary island.
parkour: Earn Money with this pakour Plugin


Levels Plugin Commands:


Get a link to the leaderboard

!rank (optional user)
Get the rank of anyone in the server

Search Plugin Commands

!anime [search]
Search for any anime on Kitsu.io

!imgur [search]
Search for memes on imgur.com

!manga [search]
Search for any manga on Kitsu.io

!pokemon [search]
Search for any pokémon on the pokéapi pokédex

!twitch [search]
Search for any streamer on Twitch.tv

!urban [search]
Search for slang words on the Urban Dictionnary

!youtube [search]
Search for YouTube videos

Moderator Plugin Commands


!ban [member] (optional reason)
Bans a member from the server

!tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason)
Temporarly bans a member from the server

!clear (optional member) (optional count)
Clears messages in a particular channel

!infractions [member]
Displays how many infractions this member has

!kick [member] (optional reason)
Kicks a member from the server

!mute [member] (optional reason)
Mutes a member in the whole sever

!tempmute [member] [duration] (optional reason)
Temporarly mutes a member in the server

!slowmode (optional timeout) (optional off)
nables/Disables slowmode in a channel

!unmute [member]
Unmutes a member

!warn [member] (optional reason)
Warns a member